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    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
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The MODIS sensors aboard the twin satellites Aqua and Terra provide global coverage of earth’s surface every 1 to 2 days. MODIS’s spatial, spectral, and temporal resolution allow for imagery to be utilized for regional monitoring of vegetation, land surface temperature, and the environment. MODIS data is available for Terra (daily, 8 day, or 16 day composites), Aqua (daily, 8 day, or 16 day composites), and composite of Terra/Aqua 16 day using at surface reflectance data.

Burn Area Index (BAI) product provides information on burn area and quality for burned land discrimination. It provides images where burned pixels can be identified.

BAI is based on the difference between the near infrared (NIR) and red wavelength surface reflectance and the reference reflectance values for charcoal (Chuvieco et al., 2002). This index follows the equation BAI = 1/((Red_c – Red)^2 + (NIR_c – NIR)^2) where Red_c and NIR_c are the reference reflectance of charcoal in the Red and NIR respectively. Their values are defined as Red_c = 0.1 and NIR_c = 0.06 (Chuvieco et al., 2002). Because this product relies on the presence of charcoal, fires with little charcoal residue are not easily identified. In addition, water bodies also exhibit similar behavior to post-fire scars due to their high absorbance in the Red and NIR wavelengths (Charles et al., 2002).

Bands Used:
Red: 0.620-0.670 μm
Near Infrared (NIR): 0.841-0.876 μm

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Spatial Resolution
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Data Summaries
max, min, mean, median, anomalies, trend and statistical significance, spatial and temporal aggregations, time series
Data Source(s)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Data Formats
raster (geotiff), raster tile (tile ID), time series (.csv, .xls, .json, .geojson)

Chuvieco, E., Martin, M. P., & Palacios, A. (2002). Assessment of different spectral indices in the red-near-infrared spectral domain for burned land discrimination. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 23(23), 5103-5110.

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