Climate Engine is a mission driven company that helps organizations to reduce their climate risk exposures and to deliver on their sustainability mandates. We do this by working with the public and private sectors to deliver data insights that help them better manage assets, monitor resources, mitigate change and build a more sustainable future.

Human and environmental systems are threatened by unprecedented rates of change.

How we act to adapt and mitigate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the planet.

Fortunately, we have unprecedented access to raw data through Earth observation (EO) platforms about the planet and its systems. This data can help us understand how Earth systems are changing in order to more sustainably manage our natural resources, grow our food, conserve water, protect our infrastructure, and reduce our carbon footprint.

To help deliver on the promise of EO data to usher in a new wave of sustainability and climate resilience, Climate Engine was founded in 2014 with support from Google Earth Engine.

Our mission is to support organizations meet their climate and sustainability goals

by bringing the best available Earth science into operational systems to support evidence-based decision making.

Climate Engine has brought together experts in science, technology, and business to help bring Earth data into decision making.

Petabytes of data about the Earth are being generated every day. And this is only going to increase.

The main challenge with integrating Earth observations into operations is not the lack of data. The real challenge is making sense of the massive amounts of data being produced to find the signal in the noise.

Climate Engine is driven by the urgent need to generate actionable insights from Earth observation data and bringing these insights into decision-making tools. This requires science expertise to build and apply appropriate scientific models, technology expertise to compute, store, and deliver big data into operations, and business expertise to ensure outputs are meeting business needs. Our team is built around these three core competencies.

*Climate Engine is currently partnering with Google on select commercial customer implementations of Earth Engine.

Our People

Justin Huntington, Ph.D

Chief Science Officer and Founder
Justin Huntington founded Climate Engine in 2014 with a research grant from Google. He is one of 21 members of the 2018-2023 Landsat Science Team. His research interests are focused on remote sensing, evapotranspiration, irrigation, drought, and hydrologic modelling. His work includes building operational remote sensing data systems for organizations such as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, NASA, Google, and the State of Nevada. Justin currently holds a research professorship at the Desert Research Institute, Reno, Nevada. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Nevada, Reno in Hydrologic Sciences.  

Jamie Herring, Ph.D

Jamie guides the company vision, mission and strategy. Prior to joining Climate Engine, Jamie was the founder of HabitatSeven, a firm specializing in communications, digital development and strategy for nonprofits, governments and social impact companies. In this capacity, Jamie has worked with a number of organizations over the past 20 years. He has served as the digital executive producer for a number of leading climate science organizations including the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, the World Bank, the United Nations (IPCC),  Environment and Climate Change Canada (www.climatedata.ca), Natural Resources Canada (www.changingclimate.ca), the World Resources Institute, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Overseas Development Institute, the State of California, NASA, NOAA, the University of California, Berkeley, and others. Jamie holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University where he studied Natural Resources and Information Sciences.

Caleb White

Chief Operating Officer
Caleb White is the Chief Operating Officer of Climate Engine, overseeing and driving company growth, client solutions, strategic partnerships, and operational support structures. Caleb possesses over 15 years experience in technology innovation and entrepreneurship throughout private and public sector markets. Caleb is a trusted advisor to numerous multinational companies and national governments looking to understand our changing planet and leverage the insights required to achieve a more sustainable and resilient future.

Keiko Nomura, Ph.D

Director of Product Development
Keiko is Director of Product Development and a Machine Learning Scientist with expertise in remote sensing, earth observation and policy analysis. 16+ years of experience across carbon and energy market modelling (London Economics International LLC), climate change mitigation through forest conservation (UN Environment, UNDP), and nature-based solution assessment globally (Space Intelligence, ltd). Keiko holds a PhD in GeoSciences from the University of Edinburgh, UK. She was selected among 15 leading women at the forefront of machine learning for Earth observation in 2021.

Bennett Kanuka

Chief Technology Officer
Bennett Kanuka is a senior data scientist with over 10 years of evangelizing data science, and building successful data teams. From auto and aerospace, to financial and healthcare companies, Bennett’s extensive industry experience has given him both the technical and business savviness to extract insight out of any data set. Before joining Climate Engine, Bennett worked on a number of start-ups in the AI space, and helped Fortune 500 companies become machine-learning literate and establish data teams of their own.

Ian Pritchard

Geospatial Data Engineer
Ian Pritchard is a Geospatial Data Engineer at Climate Engine, working to fuse technology, Earth Science and geospatial software development into valuable insights about our climate and environment.  To this end, Ian is involved with designing and implementing geospatial data infrastructure, remote sensing analysis techniques, and supporting clients and strategic partners.  Previously, Ian worked internationally as a geophysicist, systems engineer and independent consultant in remote sensing and image processing.  Ian holds an MSc in Planetary Science from Western University and a BSc in Physics and Mathematics from Queen's University.

John Abatzoglou, Ph.D

Scientific Advisor
John Abatzoglou is a Scientific Advisor at Climate Engine and an Associate Professor in Management of Complex Systems at the University of California, Merced. John's academic interests are primarily focused around climate science and impacts in the American West. His Climatology Lab works on a diverse set of research questions spanning climate science and meteorology as well as their impacts on systems including water resources, wildfire, and agriculture. The research group also develops web-based climate services to help scientists and practitioners improve climate readiness.   John received his BS in Atmospheric Science from UC Davis, and a Ph.D in Earth Systems Science from UC Irvine

Charles Morton

Data Scientist
Charles is a Data Scientist at Climate Engine who leads multi-model software engineering and development, supports with Google Earth Engine API programming, and co-develops back-end/front-end linkages. Charles is co-developer of the automated METRIC ET model, and ClimateEngine.org Earth Engine applications. Charles holds an MS in Geography and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Katherine Hegewisch, Ph.D

Senior Developer
Katherine is a Senior Developer at Climate Engine, where she supports visualization climate and remote sensing data summaries on maps and graphs. She is also an Assistant Project Scientist at the University of California, Merced and the lead developer at ClimateToolbox.org. Katherine is a climate data provider helping to maintain large climate datasets of past observation, future forecasts, and projections (MACA future climate projections, downscaled NMME seasonal forecasts and gridMET and TerraClimate historical climate data). Katherine holds a Ph.D. and a MS in Physics, as well as a MS in Mathematics from Washington State University.

Dan McEvoy, Ph.D

Scientific Advisor
Dan McEvoy is a Scientific Advisor and Founder of Climate Engine. Dan serves as the Regional Climatologist for the Western Regional Climate Center and is a faculty member with the Desert Research Institute’s Division of Atmospheric Science. Dan primarily works on hydroclimatology research and data applications in the western US with a focus on drought monitoring, climate-wildfire connections, and sub-seasonal-to-seasonal prediction. Dan holds a PhD in atmospheric science from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Britta Daudert, Ph.D

Data Scientist
Britta Daudert is a Data Scientist at Climate Engine, in which her focus is on providing easy access to climate data through the user-friendly web platform. Britta works in the Department of Hydrological Sciences at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) located in Reno, Nevada. From 2012-2017, Britta was an Assistant Research Scientist at the Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC). Britta worked for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) at Caltech in Pasadena as a scientific analyst. There she supported LIGO in its pursuit of scientific grid computing. Britta obtained her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics at NUI Maynooth in Ireland. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC Riverside.

Jody Hansen, Ph.D

Data Application Engineer
Jody Hansen is a Data Application Engineer at Climate Engine. Her primary focus is building the API to bridge climate and remote sensing datasets to usable environmental data. She is also an Assistant Research Scientist at the Desert Research Institute. Previously Jody was a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where she developed infrastructure tools and firmware products. Jody has a BS in Computer Science from Oregon State University, and a Ph.D in Human Genetics from the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Jordan Harding

Full Stack Developer
Jordan is a Full Stack Developer at Climate Engine where he leads innovation in the areas of big data delivery and visualization. Jordan has worked in this capacity for a number of Earth observation data and delivery projects across wide range of organizations in both the private and public sectors. This includes data delivery and visualizations for Underwriters Laboratories, NOAA, the World Bank, NASA, the United Nations, the World Resources Institute, and others. Jordan helps guide and develop mapping and data applications for Climate Engine.

Thomas Ott

Remote Sensing Analyst
Thomas specializes in Google Earth Engine, data visualization, and remote sensing applications. As an analyst, Thomas assists in understating and visualizing data available in Climate Engine and how it relates to the current world. Thomas obtained a BS and MS in Hydrogeology from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Tia Wong

Tia Wong is a designer and community educator with extensive experience in the non-profit sector. She specializes in graphic design, photography, and video production. She is responsible for translating scientific information into visual stories leveraging remote sensing visualizations.

Aires Almeida

Creative Director
Aires is the Creative Director at Climate Engine, leading creative design and interface development. He has over 20 years of design experience working for a variety of organizations in both the public and private sectors. He has worked for organizations such as BMW, the White House, NOAA, NASA, the United Nations and others. In this capacity, his work has earned a number of prestigious design awards including Communications Arts, the Webbie Awards, and AWS.

Phil Evans

Senior Developer
Phil is Climate Engine's lead front-end programmer. Phil’s experience includes producing front-end code for complex sites related to environmental data as the IPCC’s synthesis report, ClimateData.US, the National Climate Assessment as well as complex mapping and interactive sites such as Hunger Genius, NOAA’s Climate Explorer, UL’s Safety Index, and climatedata.ca.

Craig Macy

Legal Advisor
Craig Macy is a Legal Advisor for Climate Engine. He is an attorney and business executive with 25 years of experience working with technology companies and law firms. He currently works for Stream as a Corporate and Intellectual Property Attorney focused on start-ups and emerging growth companies. His specialities include legal and corporate strategy, M&A, Data Privacy, Intellectual Property, and Multi-site Technology Operations.

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