Climate Engine & Google Cloud

Google Cloud today a new partnership initiative with leading data and application providers that will help global businesses and governments accelerate sustainability programs, inform decisions on future growth, and better understand the impacts of climate change.


Through this new program, leading sustainability-focused companies CARTOClimate EngineGeotabNGIS, and Planet are bringing their core applications—and more than 50 petabytes of satellite imagery, demographics, mobility, and telematics data—to Google Cloud. This will enable customers to not only deploy these new solutions at global scale on the industry’s cleanest cloud, but also help them accelerate their sustainability initiatives with partner data using Google’s BigQuery, machine learning (ML), and Earth Engine products.

In addition, Planet, Climate Engine, and NGIS will integrate growing datasets on topics like water availability, agriculture, weather risks, daily satellite imagery, and more into Google Earth Engine and Google BigQuery, providing customers with a more comprehensive view of our changing planet and enabling them to ensure their businesses are operating in sustainable ways.

“We are committed to helping customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals with the industry’s cleanest cloud and through solutions that will help customers across industries make more data- and sustainability-driven decisions,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud. “These partnerships will help businesses and governments take action and accelerate their sustainability initiatives. We’re proud to work with these leaders and to support customers on their sustainability journeys.”

“The planet is changing at unprecedented rates. Building a more sustainable future depends on our ability to understand, predict, and react to these changes,” said Jamie Herring, Ph.D., CEO at Climate Engine. “Google Cloud’s unparalleled computing capacity for geospatial data available through Earth Engine allows us to leverage the wealth of data we have about the planet and convert it into actionable insights for companies and governments.”

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